Irish Enamels – Inspired by Thom

About Thom

Thom Brady is the inspiration behind this website.

Thom was born in Dublin in 1954. He was very creative and had a love for colors, nature and creating jewelry. He began experimenting with enamels when he was 19 years old .He took to the streets of Dublin with a small board and his enamel pieces.

His first location was the ha ‘penny bridge in Dublin city center .He loved the hustle and bustle of street trading. He moved to Galway and continued his enameling in a craft store in Dunguaire Castle . His talents knew no bounds. His love for nature was evident in all his pieces .His leaves were a work of art and in his words were ‘hot cakes ‘ that couldn’t stay on the shelf.

How It All Works

Enamel Creation In Action

He was a shy man but really came out of his shell when approached by customers about his work. He would talk with his family about their stories after work that day and it gave him great satisfaction. Money was never a motivator for Thom. He did not raise his prices in 40 years. In 2014 he decided to increase prices on some pieces but when a customer brought up a piece to purchase, Thom said  “my daughter must have done that that is not the price ” and put it back to the lower price. He would often show customers how to make pieces and when he completed it refused to take payment because “they made it “. These pieces on the website are all inspired by Thom.

The colors and designs are all inspired from his work. Thom was an amazing man, father, husband, son and brother. He may have passed away but in his crafts he will live on. A unique and wonderful soul.